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“First time there. I was looking to upgrade to a higher end mod setup with a k100. Ken helped me out and was a cool dude. Super awesome service. These guys were super patient, helpful, and informative. This is definitely where I’m going from now on. Chill place to hang and vape as well. Lots of vape joints around now with pretentious douchebags that condesend and eyeroll if you don’t already know what you’re talking about. Gave me a great deal as well. They’ll help with any issues you have with your current setup and setup new equipment. They’ll even retune your mods for free if you don’t want to go through the trouble if you pick up some juice with them. Definitely highly recommend checking it out if you’re a seasoned vaper, new to it or looking to quit smoking. They have some nice premium flavors with free sampling.”
Jay A. , 12/04/2013


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Here at TCA Vapor, we bring you a welcoming ambiance for everyone interested in quality vapor products at the lowest prices. We have many major brands and products of E Cigarettes, Refills, Accessories and E Liquid or E Juice. If you are a beginner looking to try vapor or an experienced vapor mod enthusiast, we have passionate staff here to answer all of your questions.

What is vapor?
The Electronic Cigarette (ECigarette, E-Cigarette, E Cigarette, E-CIG, ECIG, or E CIG) is a revolutionary device that recreates the smoking sensation.

How does it work?
The E-Liquid (ELiquid, E Liquid) or E-Juice (EJuice, E Juice) is a liquid solution heated by an atomizer that is powered by a rechargeable battery to produce vapor. The liquid solution contains nicotine levels of regular, lite or none. Poly glycol, vegetable glycerine and other flavoring ingredients are added to recreate the smoking sensation. We offer juices from manufactures like Flavorz by Joe, Black Label, Suicide Bunny, etc. We have over 300 different flavors to choose from.

Come give TCA Vapor a visit at our store location in Waipahu. We carry the most popular merchandise from the most trusted brands at cheap & best rates. We have mechanical mods like the K100, chyou, magneto, natural mod, hammer mod, clones and many more. The K100 mechanical mod mechanical mod is the most popular mod we sell. We carry different batteries and accessories like the 18650 battery, 18350 battery, 16850 battery, A W batteries ecig (A W batteries), battery chargers, ecig drip tips, silica wicks, cartomizers, kanthal wires, tanks, kangertech protanks (pro tank), unitanks, vivi nova tanks (vivinova), ecig tanks, clearomizers, atomizers, rba or rebuildable atomizers, iclear 30s, replacement coils, Vulcan RDA and replacement tanks. We carry different brands of juice like, vape shack 808, flavorz by joe, suicide bunnies, black label – belgian breakfast, Island Style, Jolly Green Apple, Leprechaun Smack, Nocturnal Banana & eskimo kiss, the vaping dragon, space jam, and many more. We also carry ecig vapor starter kits like the evod starter kit, ego ce4 starter kit, variable voltage starter kit, variable voltage zmax, zmax mini, ssItops (ultra thin ecig), and the ego variable voltage pen battery. We carry different company brands of products from smoktech zmax (z max), evod, variable voltage, innokin, and ego.

Come on down to the TCA Vapor store or order from us online! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or drop on by. We look forward in assisting you for all your vapor needs.