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    Efest Vape Products

    Any experienced vaper knows that it’s easy to forget about chargers until you need them. Browse our available Efest vape accessories to keep your vaping experience going!

    Efest carries many batteries and chargers, so users can always have something on hand. The Lush Q2 is an LED charger with auto-select between 1.0-2.0A. This charger also has four kinds of protection, an auto-stop function, and an auto-recharge function. Plus, batteries at or over 0.6V can be activated by a Q2 charger. The Lush Q4 has many of the same features, with charging activation occurring at different levels compared to the Q2.    

    Whether you’re looking for durable battery chargers, battery value packs, or single batteries, you’ll find what you need in our selection of Efest vape products. Check out Efest vape products in-store today for a great vaping experience!